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Dado que uno de los principales objetivos del centro es el bienestar del Cuerpo-Mente de las personas que vienen a visitarnos, es importante que el seguimiento se realize con el fin de lograr resultados exitosos, sin embargo reconocemos que a veces no es posible debido diferentes razones, por lo que hemos creado sobre la base del enfoque Económico Moderno una forma de ayudarle a medida que nos ayudamos a nosotros mismos.


Por cada 6 Terapias tomadas, la siguiente obtendrá una terapia de masaje holístico de 90 min.

La condición tiene que ser que estas 6 Terapias tengan que ser tomadas dentro de 7 meses, por lo tanto, se tendra un seguimiento que le beneficie.

También para cada referencia de usted, le concederemos 30% de descuento es su proxima visita al centro.

La condición tiene que ser que la visita se hagan dentro de los 4 proximos meses consecutivos.

Ahora, no hay excusa para no empezar a cuidar de sí mismo! Hay opciones disponibles para usted!



  • For Reiki, Tuina and Thai Yoga massage and Thai reflexology something with flexibility, something that you feel comfortable with as for Swedish & Hot stones massage oil will be applied on your skin, you will be naked and you will be cover with a sheet.
  • Every individual it’s different, however the most recommended it is every 3 weeks. To maintain the balance and do not fall into the category of remedying a problem, since what it should be pursued is to prevent physical tension by keeping up the body regularly treated.
  • Holistic means all; Our therapies are focus in performance and not in timing, yes timing it’s important and we won’t spend 3 hours in a therapy although our approach it’s covering the hole body, since the human body it’s not only the back, of the legs it’s a hole and therefore the stress could be located in certain areas where you are not aware of it.
  • Very Important question, however it depends of the months, your medical condition and you do have to mentioned before to take the appointment even when the pregnancy it’s being only a few weeks.


  • Several reasons; But to start we have to understand now days, our modern society has different approaches in our daily life’s and that comes with worries, tensions, a full combo of things that make our minds go too fast, besides the tension in our muscles due the inactivity that we have because we might stay too long setting in front in a pc, or standing up doing our work has consequences in our body and not very positives. The balance the we should have it’s broken with the majority of the people, a balance between eating healthy, sleeping well, exerting , having an emotion intelligence balance, all this it’s extremely important for the body to have a balance, and for your mind as well. A massage will help you to diminish the tension in your muscles and therefore allowing that heaviness that you probably are not aware anymore to be starting disappearing. Your mind will also comedown and the endorphins that are the natural pain killers of the body, will be release allowing you to have a feeling of calmness, relaxation and stretching.
  • We recommend you to go through our therapies and read on, see which one call you the most, and if you are not sure, call us or email us and let us know which it’s your condition, and we could advise you, what to take according with what you communicate with us.
  • It really depends what you like and you don’t like but if you never have try, there’s no way you know. Take in consideration that the massage its being practice for thousands of year in its several forms, so it has benefits. It’s up to you to discover them. Also it’s important to acknowledge that each massage therapist it’s different and each massage therapist has his own approach, but it’s like the art first you learn the technique and then the artist has its own touch, it is the same with the massage therapist.
  • It really depends 80% times you will have a feeling of being light, relax with a mind that it’s calm. Sometimes the day later you will have soreness but a few days after you will feel more energetic that before. It’s kind of like when you go to the gym and you haven’t being there for a long time, the day after your muscles will be sore but later you will feel good. Exactly it’s the massage if you have push your body to excessive work and all of a sudden you take a massage and you never took a massage you will probably feel your body a bit sore but it’s something that will pass and during the massage if that’s the case you will feel how your muscles stretch while the therapist work on them.

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