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what is homeopathy? the word has a Greek origin meaning: Homois = similar and pathos = disease, homeopathy is the medicine of the similar, and based on that familiar phrase Similia similibus curantur. Homeopathy is a science, homeopathy is an art, the art of healing ... contains three fundamental principles on which it is based:



1. The diseases are manifested by sensible phenomena, which we call symptoms

2. Knowledge of the action of drugs must be obtained through the experience of them in the healthy man, and his healing relationship will be established according to the law of similar.

3. Repeat remedy shall be suspended immediately after symptoms begin to feel relief or improvement.

      The following two definitions were taken from the white book of homeopathy. catedra homeopathy Boiron, university Zaragoza, Spain:

           Homeopathy is a therapeutic technique based on a thorough and rigorous clinical observation leading to the prescription of homeopathic medicines whose indications come from a pharmacology based on an experimental finding that the similarity.


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