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  • e=mc2
    Albert Einstein is perhaps the most famous scientist of the century. One of his best-known theories is the formula E=mc2. Despite its familiarity, many people do not really understand what it means. We’ll do our best to explain it here.
    One of the great discoveries of Einstein was to realize that matter and energy are different forms of the same matter. Matter can be converted into energy and energy into matter. E = energy m = mass c = velocity of light
    E = energy m = mass c = velocity of light
    It is the famous Einstein equation. Physically it is not possible for large bodies to carry it out. The acceleration of particles (molecules) has been possible The c squared means 300,000 miles per second. SQUARED! Imagine that super mega speed! .. Nobody can move at that speed.
    His explanation comes as follows: if a body of mass m moves at the speed of light multiplied by itself, it is converted into ENERGY.


energy in your brain...?

    In the deepest areas of our thoughts, it represents the way of behaving. Behaviors and emotions both exist in communication between neurons and our brain. Brainwaves are the result of electrical pulses that the masses of neurons generate when they communicate with each other. Continue reading



    One of the pioneers of chemistry, Lavoisier, enunciated the law of conservation of mass. According to this, elements are created nor destroyed, they are preserved. The law of conservation of energy, according to which it is neither created nor destroyed, it is transformed (the potential energy possessed by a rock ten feet high is transformed into kinetic energy that moves when we let go), but Albert Einstein proposed in his Relativity Theory that, in reality, energy and mass are equivalents, giving us his famous formula: e = mc2
    With this equation, we could finally know why the stars generate energy.


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