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Albert Einstein

Posted on June 01, 2016

"Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another"

e=mc2 "everything is energy"

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The benefits of a BathTub

Posted on June 01, 2016

Let’s start with the fact that the Romans used to have baths before Christ; they used to relax in big hot pools or water thermals, also being in the water, it gives us the sensation of being back where we came from… inside our mother, without problems, floating….

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Posted on June 01, 2016

Aromatherapy as its name indicates is based flavorings therapy. It is a discipline that uses the therapeutic properties of extracts of essential oils from aromatic plants to restore balance and harmony of body and mind for the benefit of our health and beauty. It is mainly based on two senses, smell and touch to harmonize body and soul.

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Posted on September 06, 2016
The science behind Yoga


Discover the science behind the Yoga: Bruce Lipton Ph.D, Sat Bir Khalsa Ph.D, Dr. Mithu Storoni and other experts explaining this practice. Thanks to all of them.

Posted on October 9 , 2016

Yoga for anxiety and depression


Discover the great benefits of Yoga according the Harvard Health Publications / Harvard Medical School.

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