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Your mind in peace, quiet, in perfect harmony with your body which is painless, in total comfort, no stress with a feeling of wellbeing a feeling of connection with yourself and with everything around you, a level of inner understanding in the micro-universe of yourself and in continued expansion with the macro-universe around you…?.

A discipline that is around 6000 thousand years old!


  • More about the Yoga history?
    Around 500 BC raises two great epics , the Ramayana of Valmiki and the Mahabharata of Vyasa narrating the incarnations of God. Among the narrative moral and philosophical topics, An important part of the Mahabharata is the Bhagavad Gita. This consists of eighteen chapters in which various aspects of Yoga are discussed. Around 500 BC, the sage Patanjali , compiled all existing knowledge about Yoga in the book entitled "Yoga Sutras " ( sutra = treaty) , basic text unanimously recognized by all yogic schools. The Yoga Sutras are the basis of Yoga. The Yoga of Patanjali is what we might call classic yoga routine: a precise set of rules and practices of accomplishments. Throughout the years many authors have commented on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, which are classified in 8 progressive steps towards personal fulfillment. ( ashtanga yoga, Ashta = eight , anga = parts or members)
  • Yoga in old days
    In ancient knowledge, yoga remained a tradition by word of mouth, a tradition where the guru, met with his disciples in a hermitage or ashram, he transmitted his teachings and practices in yoga. It was not open to the public; it was not even transmitted to women, only monks or yogis dedicated completely to perfection. For many years, these teachings were hidden , then the region of Tibet and India , were known for their mysticism, their magic and wisdom, without clearly knowing the secrets he kept , raised lots of magical legends , people West tried to explain why this magic in that area of the world , curiosity led the explorers to find the source of eternal youth , ( thought a magic fountain kept healthy yogis large old) , seeking the Philosopher's Stone or touchstone to turn lead into gold, ( thought that there was a material that allowed the transmutation) , being to transmute lead into gold is a symbol indicating work our first chakra energy associated with the lead- up to the seventh chakra associated with gold. The alchemists achieved a breakthrough in what we now know as chemistry, but failed to internalize and search your inside them to discover the process of this transformation. Today , Yoga has been updated to modern times , we seek not penetrate in a hermitage or ashram for yoga, with our many activities, it is sometimes difficult to spend a couple of hours to ourselves is no longer exclusive to men , the practice of yoga is open to both men and women , and found many examples where most practitioners are women, who now have a greater awareness of the care of the body and greater respect for his own body , today yoga brings us to our inner sight , gives us pause and makes us the way to live the present .
  • Yoga in modern days
    Yoga is now a plural and multicultural system, in itself. It has specific disciplines and techniques ranging from personal hygiene and nutrition, body work and the development of our subtle energy, knowledge of various modalities in breathing, development of sensory abilities, to mysticism, meditation and philosophy. Yoga, rather than a closed doctrine, is a tradition that continually recreates and experiments permanently and pondering about the human being and identity with nature and the universe, with many slopes over time. Note that Yoga requires discipline in its basic sense. More than knowledge, as a set of theories, that allow access to the long and ancient way of wisdom, to discover, perceive, feel and develop our own energy. To live the experience of the Being.
  • What does Yoga mean?
    The word Yoga is derived from Sanskrit word Yug, meaning union, that is focused on achieving the union of the individual spirit ( jivatam ) , and the universal spirit ( Brahman ) . In classical Yoga, it is considered that the aim of human life is to leave the eternal cycle of rebirth, called samskara , and obtain the release of being returned to the source from which we originated , telling us that the happiness we give external things is momentary and fleeting , ties and implications of mortality is apparent , therefore, the release of samskara is the true path . Today, to start practicing Yoga makes us a pause amid the usual rhythm of life, and through perseverance, makes us reflect on ourselves. Yoga is consistently applied at all stages of life: the ability to remain calm in the midst of troubled waters, to keep a clear head in confusing situations , are the characteristics that distinguish a practitioner of Yoga. Often the analogy of the lotus flower is used:

    The lotus ( yoga practitioner )

    Lives in the Pond ( the material world )

    Without being influenced by , opens its petals themselves (mind , heart and soul )

    A sun loving grace ( God)

    The petals of the lotus are not touched by water (desires )

    Not for the pond (Evil )

    While his splendidstem ( good )

    Comes to show that you can survive in the underworld,

    But without the sun ( God)

    The lotus ( yoga practitioner )


  • The benefits of Yoga in practice
    The way in which we fall into traps in everyday life cause us physical, mental, emotional and other discomforts. They are caused by our lack of attention to ourselves, not adequately discern what really makes us good and what does not, there is a history teacher Satia Sai Baba says : "Hunters of monkeys fill containers long neck with hazelnuts so that the monkeys once attracted , reach into the container and take hazelnuts fist, holding on to them , then the hand cannot come out and are captured . The man looks like a monkey, if I opened my hand and loosen the nuts (desires), take your hand and be free, fleeing the hunter, not to drop the nuts, only hope the arrival of the hunter (death) . "This is the ability to distinguish the essential, knowing how to analyze every thought or action to understand if it leads to our goal or away from it. However, there is difficulty in knowing how to choose. The most confusing moments are when the mind is quiet. Decrease the bonds, become capable of loving unconditionally are desirable to obtain objectives, just simply a sincere desire to be better, to discipline, to be constant, so that the benefits of yoga gradually increase. Hatha Yoga (physical yoga) is widely used as an exercise that helps us to understand clearly how to control the imbalances that modern life creates us, it helps to reduce tension, stress, but the emotional aspects also benefit. In Hatha Yoga aspects such as regulation of breathing, meditation, energy management, etc. are used .
  • How long in time is usually this Training for...?
    1hour and 30 min of training.

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