Thai Foot Reflexology

thai foot reflexology therapy

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Taking care of your feet that take all our weight during the day that support our tensions, the bad habits that we have and if you are a woman most likely the suffering of high heels, wouldn’t be something they deserve…?, something you owe them!


  • How old is this Therapy and who created it?
    Thai Foot Reflexology it’s also known as Thai Foot Massage and it’s a very relaxing treatment for the feet and lower legs. It is at least 500 years old. But it’s a descendant of the Egyptian society , that developed this art for healing purposes, it’s a healing art that at least it’s 4000 thousand years old.
  • How is it done?
    It’s made on a massage bed. During the first part of the massage, the therapist will dedicate a quarter of the time providing a scalp, neck, shoulder and full back massage in a Thai style, so the person, can relax and allow the body to let go, right after in a comfortable setting position, the therapist will work with a wood stick using it to apply pressure through the toes as well as using the hands. The massage it’s smooth and enjoyable relaxing, with a positive and therapeutic effect.
  • What are the benefits?
    Better circulation in legs and feet. / Reduces stress / Better mood and mental clarity / Improved sleep / Increased flexibility of feet and joints / Minimized pain and stiffness / Boost the immune system.
  • Is there any contradictions...?
    As long as there's mobility and not painful restrictions or medical restrictions or infections the Thai Foot Massage Therapy can be given.
  • How often shoud l take this Therahy...?
    Ideally once a month to keep up and maintain in tune your body but more often we will refer the question to ; it depends of how often your body needs it, because everyone it’s different and therefore different needs apply for each individual.
  • How long in time is usually this Therapy for...?
    Time 1h: + 10 min before and after are required for consultation and observation comments

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