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Your mind in peace, quiet, in perfect harmony with your body which it’s painless in total comfort, no stress with a feeling of well-being a feeling of connection with yourself and with everything around you, a level of inner understanding in the micro universe of yourself and in continue expansion with the macro universe around you…?.


  • How old is this therapy?
    • From the Greek "lithos" (stone), is a therapy that uses stones or crystals that are of mineral origin, to balance health and alleviate discomfort leading to a balance of the body. Its practice takes us from the beginning of modern humanity, India, Egypt and America, to our present time. Litho therapy tries to restore normal biological functioning of the human body, applying minerals and rocks.
  • How does Lithotherapy works?
    Through various research the existence of minerals in the human body has been proven;
    Lithotherapy gives effect:
    The color radiating minerals: chromatic vibration waves. The energy level of the color used takes action on the physiological condition and function at a very sensitive level subtle, but present.
    Enzymes: The stones tend to pass through the epidermis, the individual properties of the stone used, by enzymes, to an extremely small level, an example of this, is homeopathy.
    Piezoelectricity: Like when a bracelet or necklace that emits a frequency, which regulates the nervous influences and brings results such as a mediator of stress used.
    Several examples of Lithotherapy can be applied, as is the case of the osteoporosis treatment, where scapulae rock is applied to the release of calcium and phosphorus.
    With this therapy litho therapy, is a help to obtain a physiological balance and achieve the balance of minerals in the metabolic processes of the human body. This therapy uses the energy of the minerals to restore the unbalanced organs.
    This therapy uses the energy of the minerals to restore the unbalanced organs.
  • Lithotherapy in other cultures
    The practice with crystals and minerals, also makes reference into the ancestral practice of medicine in China and India:
    Traditional Chinese medicine refers to this Lithotherapy through its holistic practice with meridians, also known by the practice of acupuncture.
    Traditional Indian medicine refers to minerals through its holistic system of chakras.

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