John Nash

John Nash- Equilibrium model. nobel prize of modern economy of 1994.

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John Nash or his Equilibrium along with all that it is behind it, deals with the ancient ideologies, where an Equilibrium had achieved in order to evolve in all areas, but it is through understanding, meaning full awareness of other people or situation realities, looking and targeting for a Common Good. This complex economic model means in the end nothing other than to have compassion to other parties. Looking for a win, win, and avoiding greed because of which the world is in chaos today, it is not the lack of money that has the world is in crisis, but the lack of understanding, empathy and wiliness to share and to give.

As Martin Luter King Jr. said once:

If we are to have peace on earth, our loyalties must become ecumenical rather than sectional. Our loyalties must transcend our race, our tribe, our class, and our nation; and this means we must develop a world perspective.

CORPUS MENS  took the best of this model and applied it into its approach to provide the experiences. We offer quality experiences at a low price and aiming having a social responsible impact for those who needed the most, we offer those same services at an even lower price.Since if we help to balance the Body-Mind of our society by being flexible, then this society will feel better and it will act with more integrity, with more compassion and it will be a domino effect that will benefit all in a long or short period of time. For us the common good its our own.







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corpus mens, applying equilibrium model.



1.- Accessibility, (Modern Economic Aproach, " Best result for everyone")

2.- Because the accessibility the Individual Benefit from it and has a wellness.

3.- Individual learned, copy and reproduce previously experience

.4.-Other gets affected by the Individual approach, previously learnt.

5.- Domino effect, Society gets affected in a positive way. Goal achieved everyone got benefit from the (Modern Economic Aproach "Best result for everyone").


Also the internal logistics are the same regarding the staff, and suppliers, we do not negotiate % of payments, and instead we agreed in a mutual understanding of what is fair for everyone with a touch of compassion so we can receive the same.

The idea, instead of pushing to the limit and squeeze the other parties we acknowledge the need of other parties (customers, staff, ) and we find an equilibrium point even if this means a less profit, at the end the less will be more and the more will be less meaning for us; Less profit for the company, but more help towards the clients, the same applies with the staff, they are more content and the more is less for us because in a long-term what is it worth to have staff that is not happy and clients that cannot afford the experience and therefore we cannot help others and not ourselves.



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