The etymological meaning of Holistic comes from the word " Holismo " . As a deeper reference, we find that Aristotle metaphysical books, and made explicit reference to this concept, with the phrase "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts"

Holistic comes from the Greek word meaning all, any concept you want to explain, is forced to be referred to with background of a whole, for example: the man is part of the earth, he is attracted by gravity of the earth , the earth is part of the solar system and it is  attracted by the force of the sun, and so on.

Another example is the sciences: natural, physical, chemical, biological, etc. They are all of an explanation of a whole, but yet their individuality can only be reasoned to some degree of understanding and therefore, they lead to a clustering final whole, that attempts to explain life.

And so we come to the human being. The human being, who cannot be divided into an arm or a leg or a hand, or reasoning or emotions only. It's all part of it and therefore in a holistic therapy, every detail of this raised awareness should be treated as a cause or effect of various reactions of all parties.
An example of this :

Let's assume that because of a tedious and routine manual work there’s some tension present on the finger. it may be the cause that leads to discomfort at the tendon , the brain in turn receives and manifests it as anxiety, leading consequently to locomotive incorrect position and eventually affecting the lower back, then frustration develops an emotion that evolves into possible anger that can result in ulcers.
Stress can be physical, emotional, or mental or a combination of the three and the final result is anxiety, but to cover these three areas is necessary to consider the whole body not just the back that is where we mostly feel the tension.



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