Discounts-Social Responsability

discounts- social responsability


We believe that actions are stronger than words, so we use both with the same intensity. At Corpus – Mens Wellness Center, we have a strong commitment towards the well-being of our Community. We provide free yoga teaching through the week for those who cannot afford it and we have reserved spots for organizations that aim helping vulnerable sectors such as teenagers, woman and elders, see the description below..


We offer a flat fee of $45 dollars, tax included on our massages, therapies, Hot Stones, Swedish, Reflexology, Homeopathy in the next cases with a proper valid ID. This discount it is only valid if the individual taking the therapy does not count with Medical Insurance coverage that covers Massage Therapy or Naturo-Therapy.

12$ for Yoga Class and 30 % off on Workshops

  • Migrant agricultural workers. Why...?
    • Thousands of South American people come every year to work the Canadian fields in farms, leaving there families for long periods of time, working extensive hours and, performing hard labor. It is thanks to them that we can fill up our fridges with food. Everyone is important to society. However, the labor that these people perform, for the salary they make, does not allow them to have the care that they desperately need in order to have a balance with their body due to the hard work they do.
  • Manufacture worker. Why...?
    Most of the time, people who work in factories do it because either they just arrived as immigrants, or because of certain given circumstances, they were not able to have an education in life. It is our opinion that performing a continuous labor for 8 hours or more, can lead to the human being to have severe tension in certain areas, depending the positions used. The people with these jobs can hardly take care of themselves since they cannot afford these types of therapies.
  • Teachers Part time. Why...?
    It is thanks to teachers, of no matter what level or what domain, that we acquire knowledge and knowledge is power. For those who choose to teach, we show our respect with the best of ourselves.
  • Nurses Part time. Why...?
    In the moments of pain, in the moments of taking actions. Nurses are always there. Our province it’s suffering from the lack of nurses therefore, we choose to be part of the solution.
  • Walfare. Why...?
    Being in this position, is not easy for anybody, and everyone should have access to a body-mind wellness treatment so that they can feel better and from within they can empower themselves and come forward to make the best of their lives!.
  • 60 years old and over. Why...?
    • Our elders are the ones who led the path in which we are all today. Wether if the results and/or the present and past are good or bad, honoring and respecting our elders it's respecting and honoring ourselves. Driving our actions through compassion towards them, respect, sense of learning out of their life experience, and appreciation for what they are, we create harmony. Good or bad, we are who we are because of them, it's up to us to show a difference, which is something that has to be adjusted, but regardless our opinion, we would not be here if it wasn't for them and that it's a fact, not a personal opinion.
  • Students part time Why...?
    • A student that study part time most likely it is working, so we are part of the solution.
  • New immigrants Why...?
    • New immigrants are most likely working in factory jobs as well as having a deep emotional impact, so we are part of the solution.
  • Single mothers or Single fathers with full custody. Why...?
    A happy mom will most probably will have a happy child, she or hewill provide care by being relax, without tension A happy care for the child, who will be the core of the society. A happy child will become into a happy man or woman… Rising and educating a child alone it is not easy…

through the practice

  • Every human being is responsible for the good he hasn’t done when he or she had the opportunity.
    Let our actions be the power that drives our lifes with a sense of compassion through the action of integrity with the willpower.


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