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Who are we?

We are a Wellness Center based in Montreal that uses ancient as well as modern techniques that allow us to facilitate to people through our practice to relax, regain, heal and balance their Body- Mind.

We follow ancient ideologies as the TAO, also we have based our approach in the Modern Economic Nobel prize of 1994 awarded to John Nash.

Practicing these ideologies, we pursued in our actions having a social responsibility to our society by being flexible in our prices aiming results and not timing so the individual can have faster results and give the opportunity to a large variety of people that cannot afford this therapies to an even more reasonable price.Furthermore the Center, is the main sponsor of the "FONDATION BIEN ÊTRE EN ÉQUILIBRE" a non profit organization that aims to provide therapies in the areas of naturotherapy and massage therapy  as well as meditation and yoga courses for any who needs it and not can afford it.

For us it is important to honor our practices by living through the compassion and mentality that these techniques were created so in a very humble way, we can help achieve, regain balance to this world that we all share in which we all are important.

We stand by;

"The human touch in the heart of our actions"




In Latin Corpus means Body and Mens mean Mind. When we realized that most of the diseases are generated in the mind and this will affect the body conscious or  most of the time unconsciousness, then we realized how important the concept of Body Mind is.


Our Mision

Our mission as a Center is in the best of our willpower and in the best of our Knowledge, to provide to the person a care in the area of  the Body- Mind wellness that not only professional wisdom is outstanding but also affordable.


Our Vision

Our vision is to touch as many individuals as we can, with a compassion touch because everyone is important. The day we realize that everyone has an important role to play in society, it will be then when we will chose to care more and mold the best of what we are in order to provide the best of what  we can; because the benefit of others it is our own in a long or short period of time in a domino effect. In our perspective today, we are providing the best of what we are in a constant change.


Economic Approach

We have adopted the John Nash Equilibrium model (Nobel prize in Modern Economics 1994).

Principle: The best result comes when everyone in the group does what is best for themselves and the group (The best result for us and our surroundings). Everyone complement us, because of this principal we cannot compete with anyone because we are all different instead, we join forces.




1.- Accessibility, (Modern Economic Aproach= "Best result for everyone")

2.- Because the accessibility the Individual Benefit from it and has a wellness.

3.- Individual learned, copy and reproduce previously experience

.4.-Other gets affected by the Individual approach, previously learnt.

5.- Domino effect, Society gets affected in a positive way. Goal achieved everyone got benefit from the (Modern Economic Aproach= "Best result for everyone").




Our values






Compassion:A gently and kind approach, without judgments.


Understanding:Under – Stand the concept and reality that others experienced.

Consideration:Looking ourselves in the other person position give us an inner  Under- Standing of their reality and therefore, we consider all the  variables.

Respect:In all forms of individual approach and awareness of different  situations.

Integrity:In our actions, not in words only.

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